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Event FAQ - ATTENTION! Raffle Engines For Mini and Junior MAX. Extra Ticket for Senior MAX Rent Engine Program

Official Rotax Categories

Micro Max | Mini Max | Jr Max | Sr Max | Masters Max | Local Option*

Official Local Option Categories

*RoK Shifter | LO206 (Both Categories will utilize MoJo tires). $500 to the winner in each category!

Official Equipment

All Rotax categories will run by the 2020 technical regulations with certified “sealed” engines. MINI MAX AND JUNIOR MAX CATEGORIES RAFFLE ENGINE PROGRAM. If you have an engine recently purchased, you´ll get a voucher off $499USD for the engine raffle program. MICRO MAX AND SENIOR MAX ENGINES AVAILABLE FOR RENT. All tires will be MoJo per category regulations. All oil will be XPS Synthetic with fuel specified by each race track.

Event Format

One day of official track practice on Friday and Two days of official racing starting on Saturday and ending Sunday with one the event finals.


Online at www.rotax-ems.com/usa2 | COST $490 USD

What Will Tech Be Like

There will be a multi-pronged approach with certified technical inspectors to ensure parity and fair-play. Additionally the staff will be working with all the competitors to ensure everyone is up to speed.

Are Grand Final Tickets Awarded?

YES. It is the last chance race to become a Team USA Official Member for Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals in Portimao. Tickets for all categories: Micro Max, Mini Max, Junior Max and Master Max

Senior MAX first place and extra ticket for first RENT ENGINE RANKED.

Place – All Stars Finals 2020

Beautiful Orlando Kart Center Facilities from December 11th to 13th 2020.

Engine Raffle Only for Mini MAX / Junior MAX and Rental Program

Engine raffle and rent fee will be $690USD for all event. This price, doesn’t include accessories which also will be available at $249USD.

Anybody that has purchased an engine (Mini MAX or Junior MAX) in USA during 2020, will received a voucher of $499USD off for the raffle program.

Canadian & International Driver’s Info

All drivers have the opportunity at the All Stars Finals 2020, to earn tickets to the RMCGF. 

Practice Tires and Spare Parts Availability

You can purchase directly at Orlando Kart Center Track Facilities. There will be ample stock of everything onsite at the event, each order must be paid in full at the time of pick from the tire desk or Rotax Service Station.

Fuel Specs

Vouchers are available on the track. Fuel for race will be supply by the organization and is included with the entry fee.

Practice Sessions

Track will be open for free practices by Thursday December 10th. Official practices starts December 11th.

Race Tires

Drivers are required to purchase 1 set of ‘RACE SLICK TIRES’ these tires will be purchased at Orlando Track Center and each competitors set of race tires will be scanned and given out on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning of the event.  The race set of slick tires will be utilized from qualifying through the final – there is only ONE set of slick tires allowed form qualifying through the final.

Rain Tires

A small batch will be available onsite, however drivers can use either W3 or W5 barcoded tires, but the entire set must be of the same compound.  Rain tires must be marked on the drivers pre-registration sheet, the pre-registration which will be turned in prior to qualifying following the outlined schedule.

Sporting and Technical Regulations


Who are RTX Group and J3 Competition?

We are proudly the official distributors for Rotax Kart Products in USA. RTX is responsible for Southern states and J3 Competition does it for the Northern states. We work together @RaceRotax

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