😁 Yes, as you read. Is easy:

For a limited time, if you buy our Rotax 125 Senior MAX Evo or the 125 DD2 MAX Evo, you get two sets (yeap, TWO) of MOJO D5 tyres. You’re saving $524.💵

Now, you want to buy the ROTAX 125 Micro MAX Evo MY20 or the 125 Mini MAX Evo MY20. Ok, you get two sets (yeap again, TWO) of MOJO D2 4.5 tyres. How much do you save? $464. 💵

And if you’re looking for the ROTAX 125 Junior MAX EVO, you will go back with the engine and two sets (we have to say it again, TWO sets) of MOJO D2 7.10 tyres. And that’s $508. 💰

You know that we want you to have the best experience in your races. So, contact us and go. ❤️‍🔥🏎️

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